Alia Marshall
Alia Marshall - Chemical Dependency Professional Trainee
Education: Associates of Arts
Institution: Skagit Valley College, Mount Vernon, WA
Area of Specialty: Chemical dependency
Languages: English

Alia Marshall began working at Sea Mar's Visions Youth Treatment Center in January 2011, and has worked in the chemical dependency treatment field for over 10 years. Alia is currently working towards becoming a chemical dependency professional.

Alia loves to provide in-patient treatment because clients have time in a safe, secure environment to work on their chemical dependency and emotional issues. Alia's favorite things about Visions are the creative clients and supportive staff members. She enjoys using humor and empathy to work with clients. Alia believes she can create change in the world through work with others.

Alia lives in Bellingham with her husband and two cats, Bart and Dee. Some of Alia's favorite activities include knitting, playing music (French horn, trumpet and flute), and watching movies. Alia loves ducks, and likes to decorate her office with bright colors.

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