Annie Myers
Annie Myers - Chemical Dependency Professional
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Cultural Anthropology
Institution: Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington
Area of Specialty: Chemical dependency treatment; certificated in linguistics, Aemmer Institute of Linguistics
Languages: English, French, German

Annie Myers began working at Sea Mar's Bellingham Behavioral Health Center in the spring of 2010. Prior to this Annie worked at Contact Counseling, serving in an administrative and social service capacity. She then interned at West Coast Counseling before joining the Sea Mar team.

Annie has been a world traveler. Right out of high school, Annie became an exchange student for one year in Helsinki, Finland. She went on to study French in Quebec, Canada, and spent time in Chad and Cameroon, Africa, studying Dadjo and Arabic languages.

Annie is interested in all people and the struggles they endure, in particular, that of addiction. Her approach is compassionate, and honest. She provides matrix model treatment, as well as a cognitive behavioral approach and living in balance methodology.

Annie is settled in Bellingham with her family and enjoys gardening, being with her family, and especially loves to be outdoors in the mountains or hiking on the coast. Since joining Sea Mar, Annie is learning Spanish and expects to add yet another language to her list of fluencies.

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