Claudia Molina Clement
Claudia Molina Clement - Mental Health Therapist II
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
Institution: Universidad Centroamericana Jose Simeon UCA), El Salvador
Area of Specialty: Mood Disorders, Domestic Violence and Trauma
Languages: English, Spanish

Claudia Molina Clement began working as a mental health therapist at Sea Mar CHC's Vancouver Behavioral Health Clinic in 2009.

Claudia is proud to be among the practitioners who provide integrated care to large and diverse communities. Claudia listens carefully to her patients and is responsive to their needs. She considers it a privilege to be able to work with clients who do not speak English.

She proudly uses her bicultural/bilingual background to ensure that all of her clients receive culturally appropriate services. She is committed to helping her clients utilize personal strengths and resources to effect positive change and growth in their lives.

Claudia is originally from El Salvador and relocated to Washington State in 2008. She worked in El Salvador as a psychosocial psychologist for a non-profit human rights association that is engaged in searching for children who disappear as a result of armed conflict in her native land.

Aside from work, Claudia enjoys traveling, photography, and reading.

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