Kathryn Anderson
Kathryn Anderson - Mental Health Therapist III
Education: Master of Arts, Community Counseling
Institution: Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington
Area of Specialty: Children, adolescents and families, trauma, domestic violence
Languages: English, Spanish

Kathryn (Katie) Anderson began practicing mental health therapy Sea Mar's Oak Harbor Behavioral Health Center in May 2014. Prior to this she worked for Sea Mar in the Mount Vernon Behavioral Health Center.

Katie's work with clients is influenced by Rogerian, Adlerian and cognitive behavioral perspectives. She conceptualizes individuals as naturally resilient with a deep capacity for growth. She believes each person needs safety, encouragement, connectedness, and competence in order to succeed. Her work also is driven by the conviction that individuals are constantly influenced by the systems that surround them.

Katie is a children's mental health specialist. She specializes in trauma disorders in children and survivors of domestic violence. She is certified to administer trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. She is also trained in prolonged exposure therapy, play therapy and the nurtured heart parenting technique. Katie will partner with parents of children in order to maximize each client's treatment success.

Katie works to provide a safe therapeutic space for her clients. She utilizes play, art, laughter, storytelling and pattern-tracking in order for her clients to feel heard, supported, and motivated to create positive change in their worlds.

Katie enjoys hiking, swimming, running and reading in her spare time.

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