Miranda Meng
Miranda Meng - Mental Health Therapist II
Education: Masters, Social Work
Institution: Portland State University
Area of Specialty: Solution focused, cognitive behavioral therapy
Languages: English

Miranda Meng began practicing mental health therapy at Sea Mar's Vancouver Behavioral Health Center in August 2013. She also works at Sea Mar's school-based behavioral health program in Washougal, Washington.

Miranda practices therapy by listening and reflecting in order to provide feedback and to suggest ways to revise thinking patterns and behaviors. Her work with clients is informed primarily by attachment and trauma theory perspectives which help clients explore relationships formed with early caregivers. This helps clients recognize relational patterns that may be repeating throughout life and helps them to work toward creating healthy relationships.

Miranda believes all people desire well-being and a sense of wholeness and make choices to meet their needs based on the resources they have available. The goal in therapy is to explore and practice new and empowering ways to create desired outcomes.

Miranda enjoys time with her family, running, hiking, reading, and always learning new things.

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