Dr. Christine Barry
Christine Barry - DDS
Education: Doctor of Dental Surgery
Institution: University of Washington
Area of Specialty: General Dentistry
Languages: English

Dr. Christine Barry has been practicing dentistry since 1997, and has been with Sea Mar since 2001. She has been with the Vancouver Dental clinic since 2012. Dr. Barry holds a BS in cellular and molecular biology and Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Washington.

Dr. Barry provides general dentistry services for children and adults, and has provided dental screenings for underserved children in the Head Start program.

Dr. Barry is a regular participant in Sea Mar’s community events, such as Fiestas Patrias, an annual celebration of Mexican and Latin American independence, health fairs, and the popular children’s Christmas party.

Outside of work, Dr. Barry enjoys reading, hiking, traveling, camping, and spending time with her family.

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