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Welcome to Sea Mar CHCs Renacer Youth Treatment Center.

Renacer Treatment Center is a unique intensive inpatient treatment program serving teenage boys ages 13-17 serving all of Washington State. Renacer is state-licensed, JCAHO-accredited, and Level II secure facility located in Seattle, Washington.

Practitioners and staff at Renacer Youth Treatment Center have provided substance use disorder services since 2003. We offer a residential treatment program lasting 90-120 days depending on the need of each individual youth. Our major goals in treatment are development of sober-life skills, interpersonal effectiveness, relapse prevention, substance use disorder education, and social reintegration.

Our licensed substance use disorder and mental health clinicians collaborate with medical staff, psychiatric practitioners, nutritionists, health educators and support persons to ensure our clients receive holistic interventions while at Renacer.

Renacer means “re-born” in Spanish. We take pride in helping residents learn and practice important life skills, healthy life-style choices, effective communication, and discover new hobbies and fun recreational activities outside of substance use. We use multidisciplinary practices to develop and maintain individualized treatment goals for each patient.

Through professional clinical intervention services provided at our center, adolescents begin to reclaim their future and make meaningful changes to their lives.

Kristen Prentice, MSW, CDP
Program Director, Renacer Youth Treatment Center

Sea Mar CHC - Renacer Youth Treatment Center
• Daily group therapy to address chemical dependency education and treatment
• Individual counseling/therapy
• Psychiatric services
• Highly structured recovery environment
• 12-step meetings
• Nutrition classes
• HIV/AIDS education
• Life-skills training
• Comfortable sleeping accommodations
• Well-balanced meals
• Supportive staff on site 24-hours a day
• Recreational activities and outings
• School hours for high school diploma or GED

Renacer Youth Treatment Center Providers
Address and Contact information:
Sea Mar CHC - Renacer Youth Treatment Center
10001 17th Place South
Seattle, Washington 98168
Phone: 206 766-6969
Fax: 206 766-6979
Hours of Operation:

24-hours, 7 days per week


WA State Crisis Line:


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