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Welcome to Sea Mar CHC Visions Youth Treatment Center.

Sea Mar Visions is a unique in-patient treatment facility for teenage girls, ages 14-17, serving all of Washington State. Sea Mar Visions is a state-licensed, JCAHO-accredited, Level II facility located in Bellingham, Washington.

At our secure in-patient facility, we have provided intensive chemical dependency services to the youth of Washington State since 1999. We provide 6-9 month of culturally diverse and appropriate mental health and chemical dependency treatment for our clients.

Practitioners and staff at Sea Mar Visions treat each resident holistically. We help them to learn about important life skills, healthy life-style choices, effective communication, and to discover new hobbies and fun recreational activities. We use multidisciplinary practices to develop and maintain individualized treatment goals for each client. 

Our staff includes chemical dependency and mental health professionals and a certified high school teacher.  We work in collaboration with medical and dental staff, nutritionists and health educators to ensure that our clients receive a whole person intervention while at Sea Mar Visions Treatment Center. 

Our primary goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of young people



Leslie Blake

Program Manager

Sea Mar CHC - Visions Youth Treatment Center

·    Daily group therapy to address chemical dependency education and treatment

·    Individual counseling/therapy

·    Mental health services, including dialectic behavioral therapy, MRT and EMDR

·    Highly structured recovery environment

·    12-step meetings

·    Nutrition classes

·    HIV/AIDS education

·    Life-skills training

·    Comfortable sleeping accommodations

·    Well-balanced meals

·    Supportive staff on site 24-hours a day

·    Recreational activities and outings

·    School hours for high school diploma or GED

Visions Youth Treatment Center Providers
Address and Contact information:
Sea Mar CHC - Visions Youth Treatment Center
1603 E Illinois
Bellingham, Washington 98226
Phone: 360-647-4266
Fax: 360-788-7181
Hours of Operation:

24-hours, 7 days per week

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