Neeve Willows - MHT II
Education: Master of Science in Psychology
Institution: Capella University; Minneapolis, MN
Board of Certification: Washington Department of Health
Residency: Capella University; Minneapolis, MN
Area of Specialty: Counseling Psychology with complete Clinical Coursework
Languages: English
Neeve Willows began practicing mental health therapy at Sea Mar's 11th Street Medical Clinic in September 2017.
Neeve's approach comes from a humanistic perspective that emphasizes the needs of the whole person. Neeve views clients holistically with the awareness that multiple factors within and surrounding them throughout their lives impact and influence their functioning. Neeve believes that all humans deserve to have their basic needs met and to be treated with decency and respect, regardless of their past or current situation. These beliefs consistently inform her therapeutic approach as she collaborates with other professionals to ensure that all clients have the opportunity to improve their lives.

Neeve enjoys gardening, painting, refinishing furniture, writing, and reading too many books
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