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Men desplegable
Sea Mar CHC - Visions Youth Treatment Center Providers
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Palmer, Jeanette - Program Manager
Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree, Human Services
Area of Specialty : Business Management, Computer Programming, Chemical Dependency
Andricos, Dionnea - Chemical Dependency Professional II
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Sociology
Area of Specialty : Chemical dependency, dialectical behavioral therapy
Blake, Leslie - Clinical Supervisor
Education: Bachelor of Arts
Leupold, Tish - Mental Health Therapist II
Education: Masters of Arts, Social Work
Area of Specialty : Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Marshall, Alia - Chemical Dependency Professional Trainee
Education: Associates of Arts
Area of Specialty : Chemical dependency
Mizen, Emily - Certified Teacher
Education: Masters Degree, Education
Area of Specialty : English, Debate, Public Speaking
Palmberg, Joan - Chemical Dependency Professional III
Education: Associate of Arts Degree
Area of Specialty : Moral reconation therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous
Ravencroft, Amanda - Art Therapist
Education: Masters, Counseling
Area of Specialty : Art theraphy, chemical dependency
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