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Sea Mar CHC - Patients / Clients
For those with limited incomes, services are billed on a sliding-fee scale based on annual household income and family size. To sign up for the discount, please bring proof of your annual household income to your first visit. This means proof of the income of all wage-earners who live with you. This might include a copy of your and/or your family member’s most recent 1040 tax return form, copies of two recent pay check stubs, or a recent letter from an agency that gives you financial support, such as DSHS, SSI, or Unemployment. The percentage of the full charges you pay is based on your annual household income and family size.

Please note exact charges are based on specific services and cannot be quoted exactly before your visit. Also, you will be asked to pay at least $40 at the time of your medical or behavioral health visit and $50 at the time of your dental visit. Additional charges, if you owe them, will be billed to you.

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