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Volunteer Program
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Use the Volunteer Checklist below to make sure that all your paperwork is complete once you have been approved by the Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteer Checklist



Here are the easy steps to becoming a volunteer at Sea Mar!

1. Look through Sea Mar's current volunteer opportunities.

2. Complete the online volunteer application. Once completed, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with further instructions. If a position is not listed, please make note on your application where you are interested in volunteering.

Do not proceed until confirmation from Volunteer Coordinator that you have been accepted for a position. Application does not guarantee placement

3. Email, fax, mail or hand-deliver your signed Washington State Patrol Criminal Background Check form to the Volunteer Program. Be sure to complete sections C and D. Contact information is below.

4. Complete the 48-hour Tuberculosis (TB)/PPD screening, a Hepatitis B titer, and get full immunization records from your primary docotor. Email, fax, mail, or hand-deliver the results to the Volunteer Program. The tests are required for all volunteer positions. Please get these test on your own. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator if you do not have health insurance.

5. Send a JPG image of yourself to the Volunteer Coordinator for an ID badge.

6. Wait while the Volunteer Coordinator finalizes your placement and gets you in contact with your Site Coordinator.

7. Attend an orientation with your Site Coordinator to familiarize yourself with Sea Mar's policy, your site, and your position.

8. Begin volunteering!

* Please note that this process takes several weeks.

For more information, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator:

8915 14th Avenue S, 1st Floor
Seattle, WA 98108
P: (206) 764 – 8040
F: (206) 764 – 0494

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Sea Mar!




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