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Eleesa D. Fluckiger
Eleesa D. Fluckiger - Mental Health Therapist II
Education: Master of Arts in Psychology
Seattle University
Board Certification: Washington State Department of Health
Area of Specialty: Adolescents, mood disorders, LGBTQ issues, substance use disorders
Languages: English

Eleesa Fluckiger started practicing as a mental health therapist at the Sea Mar Renacer Youth Treatment Center in June 2017. Before working with Sea Mar, she completed her bachelor's degree in psychology at Brigham Young University, and earned her master's degree in psychology at Seattle University. She completed an intensive internship at Seattle Counseling Service.

She uses an eclectic modality of therapy as part of a person centered, humanistic, strengths based, relational and individualized therapy. Her background is in existential phenomenological psychology. She believes that therapy is an ongoing event that is co-created by the therapist and the client together. She relies strongly on dialectical behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques in her work; as well as depth work into meaning, identity, values and goals.

Eleesa has a passion for humanizing substance use disorders and advocating for multiple models of recovery. She is a strong supporter for the complexity and prevalence of co-occurring disorders. She maintains that mental health contributes strongly in substance abuse, and thus mental health is a key factor in substance use recovery. She finds satisfaction and meaning in bringing mental health therapy into the substance abuse treatment setting. She appreciates and celebrates the challenges and the courage that young people bring to the endeavor of recovery.

Eleesa has a similar passion for supporting and advocating for individuals who identify as LGBTQ+. She believes in the importance of exploring and celebrating identity. She recognizes some of the unique challenges faced by this population, and enjoys helping them find healing and achieving their goals. Eleesa also specializes in working with adolescents, and a similar importance in exploring and celebrating a positive identity in adolescence. Her relational approach helps her maintain curiosity with her clients, which facilitates relationships of mutual learning and growth.

In her personal life Eleesa finds joy in creative endeavors and exploring the natural world. Her adventures are often accompanied by her partner and their dogs.

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