Emily Mizen
Emily Mizen - Certified Teacher
Education: Master's Degree, Education
Institution: Western Washington University
Area of Specialty: English, Debate, Public Speaking
Languages: English

Emily has more than 10 years of experience in teaching and coaching at local public middle schools and high schools in a variety of subjects including math, English, speech and debate. She is currently working on adding a special education endorsement to her certification.

Emily believes that her job as an educator is not only to teach students needed academic skills, but to nurture a confidence in them that may lead to life-long learning and self-sufficiency. She evaluates each individual student's needs, aptitudes and interests and develops lessons and coursework that best fits them.

Out of respect for her students, Emily has high standards and finds that in maintaining high expectations and providing the necessary support to achieve these, students build assurance in their abilities to succeed in school and beyond.

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