Julie Camp
Julie Camp - Mental Health Therapist II
Education: Master of Arts in Psychology, Mental Health Counseling
Institution: Antioch University, Seattle
Area of Specialty: PTSD and trauma, interpersonal issues, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, and sexual/gender minorities
Languages: English, limited Spanish, and limited ASL

Julie Camp began practicing therapy at Sea Mar's Gig Harbor Behavioral Health Center in December 2011. Her training in trauma therapy includes treatment of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, trauma-focused CBT with youth, acknowledging the mind-body connection in integrating traumatic experiences, and crisis intervention.

As a student, Julie completed a 9-month practicum in the Antioch Clinic, and an internship working with survivors of sexual abuse and assault in Olympia, Wash., where she continues to volunteer. Before graduate school, Julie provided crisis intervention, resource referral, and support services to people with mental health concerns and low-income populations.

Individuals seek therapy in order to make life changes, try new behaviors, and learn to heal and grow. Many times these changes are precipitated by a crisis that demands such growth. Julie encourages people to gather and bolster existing intellectual, emotional, and spiritual resources to help them with problems they are struggling with and free them to create new ways of thinking and believing. Her work utilizes various methods and techniques, matching them to clients in order to focus on the presenting issue, previous coping attempts, the client's feelings about the issue, and possible alternative actions and their consequences.

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