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What is a "proxy" access for a health record?
Proxy access allows a parent, guardian or other legally authorized adult to log into Sea Mar's Online Health Record via FollowMyHealth and connect to the account of a family member or another person.

If you are a proxy (representative) for a child, you will have access to their medical record. Access includes the ability to message providers and refill prescriptions until the minor reaches the age of 13. The age is determined by state and federal law requirements.

To gain access to your child's (a minor) medical information, please request a proxy account at one of our Sea Mar medical clinics.
What paperwork do I need to have?
In most instances, you do not need to provide any documentation to us to establish an account for your child under the age of 12. However, if there has been a legal or court decision made regarding the custody or guardianship of the child in question, please provide copies of the parenting plan, custody documents or guardianship documents at your next visit.

When will I be given access?
For the protection of our patients, proxy accounts will only be granted to people who have the legal right to request medical information on behalf of our patient. Because this must be verified through our Health Information Management Department, proxy accounts may take longer to complete.

What type of access will be given?
There are two levels of access, please see below for details:
Read Only Access: The proxy holder is able to view the patient account, but cannot make changes on the patient’s behalf nor use My Health Messaging.
Full Access: Proxy holders have full functionality of the patient account. All minor proxy holders for patients under the age of 12 receive Full Access.

How do I sign up?
To request a proxy account, please fill out the proxy form with the requested level of access. Please drop off the completed form in person at one of our Sea Mar medical clinic and bring proof of identification. When the document has been verified, you will receive a proxy account invitation via the email address you provide on the form.
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