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    As a psychiatrically and medically based program, structured as an “Intensive Step-Down”, our mission is to provide individuals primarily with psychiatric conditions a treatment environment tailored to their needs; while ensuring them a home for their recovery with the proper clinical components, such as strong peer support, coping skills and insight into their illness. In addition, it is our commitment to providing them the proper care and needed skills to live a meaningful life, so that can they re-enter the community, but also promoting the concept of recovery and teaching them the value of being treated with dignity and respect…

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Kelley Whitty Sandaker

Sea Mar Community Health Centers’ Psychiatric Center originated from the organizations’ commitment to creating a residential facility for chronically, mentally ill patients that would not resemble an institution, but on the contrary, becomes a client's Home for Recovery. Sea Mar Psychiatric Center is an Intensive Care step-down facility from Western state, local hospitals, or other Geropsychiatric facilities. Our 16-bed facility includes a beautiful garden, spacious rooms, and therapeutic areas that promote recovery throughout the center. This center reflects our organizational value of treating our patients with dignity and respect.

The Psychiatric Center currently serves both male and female patients who are 50 + years of age. However, patients in their 40's will be considered as well. The program will provide evaluation and treatment services for clients in a less restrictive manner. Our services are only offered to patients who are either court-mandated or voluntary patients; we do not offer services for clients in need of an involuntary commitment.

Sea Mar Psychiatric Center's Measurable Objectives:

  • » To decrease admissions to Western State Hospital for geriatric patients living with dementia
  • » To reduce the length of stay for geriatric patients involuntary treatment
  • » To increase family involvement in patient care and discharge planning
  • » To increase connection for outpatient services and coordinated care following discharge
  • » To decrease overall readmission rates for geriatric inpatient clients
  • » To decrease wait times for admission and reduction in the use of single bed certification

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