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Christina Pease
Christina Pease - MD
Education: Medical Doctor - Pediatrician
Institution: Baylor College of Medicine - Houston, TX
Residency: University of Washington - Seattle, WA
Languages: English, Spanish and French
Dr. Christina Pease graduated from Baylor College of Medicine in 2001. She completed her Pediatric training at the University of Washington in 2004, where she then served as Chief Resident at Seattle Children's Hospital. She practiced on the East-side and with King County Public Health, prior to joining Sea Mar in 2013.

Dr. Pease is honored to be a part of Sea Mar. She is hopeful that as part of this dedicated multidisciplinary team, we can all help empower families to have a healthy stable start. Dr. Pease loves working with children as they keep us honest and lighthearted. In her free time, she enjoys any kind of outdoor adventure with her husband and two boys.
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