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Sea Mar Tacoma Adult Treatment Center is more than just a rehab facility; it is a leading provider of integrated and multidisciplinary health treatment.

Alcohol and drug issues are seldom isolated disorders. Some of the common complex problem sets include anger, anxiety, conduct disorders, depression, and trauma-related disorders, to list a few.

Sea Mar Tacoma Adult Treatment Center prides itself in addressing the community member's substance abuse and assisting them in orchestrating aftercare.

At Sea Mar Tacoma Adult Treatment Center, the highly trained multidisciplinary team understands that addressing aftercare is crucial to the community member's success for long-term sobriety.

Clinically tailored, comprehensive and individualized treatment plans for each community member.

Sea Mar Tacoma Adult Treatment Center, the latest evidence-based practices from psychology and medical advancements are blended with tried and true addiction treatment approaches like, dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, moral recognition therapy, individual and group addiction counseling, positive peer culture, and 12-Step integration.

Sea Mar Tacoma Adult Treatment Center's methodology incorporates elements of fitness, nutrition and health. Each community member has a dedicated, and highly trained multidisciplinary team of diversely credentialed staff who are onsite 24/7.

Whole person approach;
Mind, Body, and Spirit.

At Sea Mar Tacoma Adult Treatment Center , we believe that it is imperative our community members' core physical, mental, and emotional problem sets are addressed as this is the only way to halt and alter the addiction process. Through a rigorous evidence-based and holistic treatment and full person-wellness this is achieved.

Personalized and Community Member specific treatment incorporates daily individual and group addiction therapy that is proven effective in assisting Community Members cultivate a variety of healthy coping skills to assist in emotional regulation. Therapeutic sessions also includes education on the complex nature of addiction and its effects on the brain, as well as concentrated, Community Member centric workshops where Community Members achieve self-insight through hands-on activities and role play. Therapy's overall goal is to increase the Community Member's self-confidence through self-awareness and provide the necessary tools for sustained recovery.

The physical aspect of treatment at Sea Mar Tacoma Adult Treatment Center includes daily exercise and fitness; proper diet and nutritional education; learning daily life skills that encourage a healthier lifestyle and integrated medical care; medical and dental.

At Sea Mar Tacoma Adult Treatment Center spirituality is a personal journey and a way for the Community Member to connect to self, one's own faith, nature, and others. While oftentimes alcohol and drug rehabilitation disengages the Community Member from the family, strong emphasize is placed on reconnecting or strengthening the familial spirit that may exist. Additionally, 12 Step programs, and other stepping stone programs, are used as part of Sea Mar Tacoma Adult Treatment Center's integrated approach.

Joshua Sweet
Program Manager

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