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Cannon House

Welcome to Cannon House
Welcome to Sea Mar’s Cannon House assisted living facility. We are located in Seattle’s Central District, and have owned and operated the facility since 2009.

The mission of Cannon House is to provide safe, affordable, and high-quality assisted living for retirees, seniors, and others in need of residential care who want to live as independently as possible. We are committed to serving the community as envisioned by the facility’s founders and its namesake, John Cannon.

Many residents say of Cannon House: “It’s home.” This simple but important statement is a testament to the caring, professional staff. Health care providers, nurses, technicians, attendants, cooks, and maintenance personnel work together to create a safe and friendly environment. Our goal is to make Cannon House your home, and to help you maintain your independence.

Come visit us!

Vivian Weber

For Information
Sea Mar's Cannon House

113-23rd Avenue S
Seattle, WA 98144

Phone: 206.709.1777
Fax: 206.860.9846

Vivian Weber

Sandra Miles
Long Term Care Director

It's Home!

Cannon House staff work to relieve you from the stresses that can make life on a daily basis difficult. Our services include:

•   Three home-cooked meals served daily in our elegant dining room.
•   24-hour security;
•   Housekeeping and laundry services weekly or as needed
•   Nursing services, including medication assistance and health monitoring;
•   Behavioral health services
•   Coordination of appointments and care with your physicians;
•   Assistance with personal care, including bathing, dressing, grooming, and hygiene;
•   Maintenance staff available seven days a week.

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