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Sea Mar-Foster High School Latino Scholarship

Foster High School in the Tukwila School District, one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse districts in Washington state, has partnered with Sea Mar to offer the Foster Scholarship for Latino High School Leaders, a scholarship to promote Latino academic achievement, to actively work against barriers that hinder academic opportunities, and to increase diversity in the professional work force.

Scholarship recipients receive a one-time award of $1,000 to use towards their educational expenses.

Who Can Apply?
  • Foster High School seniors of Latino/a heritage, and
  • Enrolling as a full-time student in a higher education institute the upcoming academic year, and
  • Committed to their education, demonstrate leadership, and are in good academic standing.

Applications will Open January 1, 2024.


To apply, applicants must answer essay questions and provide a copy of their transcript on an online application form*. Other information related to parent(s)' work history will be asked.

*At the moment the online application does not allow for applicants to save their work and return at a later time. We encourage applicants to review the essay questions and in a separate document, type your response.

Once finalized, copy and paste response into the online application.


For Scholarship Recipients

To request your scholarship funds, provide a PDF copy of your current class schedule and updated contact information. Class schedules must have your full name, the name of your institution, and the classes you are or will be taking.



Contact us at Scholarships@seamarchc.org

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