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Morales Memorial Scholarship

Grandview’s Morales family created the Morales Memorial Scholarship (MMS) to honor their parents, Teodoro and Francisca Morales, and sister, Micaela Morales Herrera - three courageous individuals who were committed advocates for the education of children. Teodoro instilled the value of education as a means of self-determination of life opportunities and instilled the value of community service in his children. He stressed the importance of participating in the election process and the value of each individual vote. Francisca was quiet but had strong opinions and convictions on life. Francisca was widowed at 55, and focused her life on continued support of her children and grandchildren by providing a warm, nurturing home to depend on. Her support of the farmworker union effort led her to join her Guadalupana group on a pilgrimage in the Valley.

In 2018, Paula Morales Arevalo was added to memorial recognition based on her continued advocacy for postsecondary education. Paula was an advocate for change to improve the lives of migrant families. In newspaper letters to the editor, she advocated for clean living conditions, fair working wages for farmworkers, equitable access to books in schools and for all to be treated with dignity and respect. Her unwavering love for her children set the precedence of hope as she inspired them to dream beyond the borders of their home. Nothing was impossible.

The MMS board carries forward the Morales family value of education by investing in their community, supporting educational opportunities for other farm working families, and engaging the next generation of Morales children in the design and process of the scholarship fund. Our goal is to help Grandview High School (GHS) graduates from farm working backgrounds reach their educational dreams. Ten of Francisca and Teodoro’s children attended GHS from 1958-1979. Since 2008, the Morales Memorial Scholarship has awarded $103,550 in scholarships to students from GHS.

Applicant Criteria:

*No GPA requirement, for this year, due to the impact of COVID-19.

  • Grandview High School graduating seniors, who show commitment to their education, demonstrate leadership and care for their community
  • Students who exhibit financial need
  • Students who are from a farm working background and/or Latino/a/x
  • Students who will be enrolling full-time at a public or private higher education institution, excluding for-profit institutions. Preference will be given to students planning to attend Washington public institutions.
  • Be a Washington state resident.
    *Undocumented/HB1079-eligible students are eligible to apply


3 students awarded at $3,000 each


Applications will Open January 1, 2024.


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Contact us at Scholarships@seamarchc.org

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